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Anatomy and Physiology
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1Which of the following mature cells do not have nucleiARed blood cells BAstrocytesCNeuronsDColumnar epithelial cells2Which of the following is true about the smooth endoplasmic reticulumAIt is devoid of ribosomesBIt is involved in lipid synthesis CIt is involved in protein synthesisDBoth A and BEBoth A and C3Which of the following is true about the lysosomesAThey store proteins and lipids produced at the endoplasmic reticulumBThey contain proteolytic enzymesCTheir main function is to neutralize free radicalsDThey contain their own DNA4PeroxisomesAabsorb nutrients from digested food and store them for future useBproduce mucus that protects parts of the digestive organs from the effects of powerful enzymes Cprovide protection against free radicals and toxinsDsecrete buffers in order to keep the pH of the digestive tract close to neutral5Cell types likely to be found in areolar connective tissue includeAfibroblasts Bmacrophages Cmast cellsDall of the above6MitochondriaAare double membrane structures involved in breakdown of ATP Bsynthesize proteins for use outside of cell Care involved in production of ATPDare found only in muscle cells7The plasma membrane of human cellsAis semipermeableBcontains phospholipids and cholesterolCcontains protein channels and receptors DA and BEall of the above1 V18Movement of swater through a selectively permeable membrane is calledAdiffusion Bfacilitated diffusion Cosmosis Dactive transport Eendocytosis9Glucose and amino acids can cross cellular membranes of the intestinal epithelium and enter the epithelial cells together with sodium ionsAvia simple diffusion Bvia facilitated diffusion Cvia active transportDusing clathrincoated vesicles that capture glucose and sodium molecules via pinocytosisEusing the difference in sodium concentration gradient created by the action of the sodiumpotassium pump10Select the correct statements regarding epitheliaAstratified epithelia are present where protection from abrasion is neededBcells of the skin epithelium easily separate when skin is poked with a finger or pinchedCsimple squamous epithelium line blood vesselsDboth A and BEboth A and C11The principal function of cholesterol within the cell membrane is toAprovide an energy sourceBprovide a means of communication among cellsCstabilize the membrane and regulate its fluidityDact as transporter12Which of the characteristics of lose connective tissue is TRUEAIt is usually well vascularized and innervatedBIt is usually arranged in a single layer of cellsCIt is primarily concerned with secretionDIt lines all of the bodys cavities and chambers13Which of the following junctions binds neighboring cells and is linked to intracellular actin filamentsATight junction BDesmosome CGlycocalyx DAdherens junction14Which of the following statements is CORRECT regarding diffusionAThe rate of diffusion is independent of temperatureBMolecular weight of a substance does not affect the rate of diffusionCThe lower the difference in concentration gradient between two sides of the membrane the faster the rate of diffusion
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