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Anatomy and Physiology

Epithelial Tissue sheet of cells that covers a body surface or lines a body cavity1Covering and lining epithelium outer walls of stomach anywhere with a lumen2Glandular Epithelium to be covered laterFunctions1ProtectionaPhysical boundariesbMechanicalcChemical secretion to protect against drying outdInfectiious breathing in air that is not pure 2AbsorbtionaGI tract breaks down the products of digestion and moves them into the blood stream3FiltrationaKidney blood flows through the capillaries and the fluid that comes out becomes urine Barrier between blood and urine fluid is epithelial layer4ExcretionaKidney5SecretionaGlands6Sensory Reception generally associated with neuronsaTaste budsbOlfactory membranes smellStrucctural Characteristics1CellularityaCell dense tissuebDifferent from other tissue connective tissue has fibre in itcEpithelium is made of many rows of cells with no spacesfibressecreted material2Specialized ContactsaTight JunctionsiIndividual cell membranes are fused together so things cant get inbetween cellsiiProtects the integrity of the layer so things cnt pass throughiiiSkin so that water doesnt leak in bladder so urine doesnt leak outbDemosomesiHold cells strongly to eachotheriiExtend into the ntermediate layer which attaches to more demosomesiiiVERY strong layer3Polarityaif you looked at an Epithelium cell you could tell which part is the top and which is the bottom bGives Organization and direction of the cellc Allows for absortion into one part of the cell and then excretion from the other side dFound in Stomachbronchus eapical and basal surfaces apical top surface often specialized such as having cilia or microvilli lots of SA and movement4basal laminaastructure on which Epitheliumcells attach onto via basal surfaces bPhysical attachment Made of glycoproteincnoncellular underlying supportive sheet of primarily glycoproteins dFuntions
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