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Functions and Divisions of the Nervous SystemNervous Systemmaster communicating and controlling system in the body incl thought action emotion body function etc 3 Functions 1Sensory Input body uses millions of sensory receptors to monitor changes occurring insideoutside of body Gathered informationsensory inputYOU SEE A RED LIGHT 2Integration NS processes these sensory inputs and decides what should be done at each momentcalled integrationRED LIGHT MEANS STOP3Motor Output NS activate effector organs muscles and glands to cause a response FOOT GOES FOR BREAK CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM CMS Brainspinal cordintergrating and controlling portion of the nervous system INTERPRETS sensory input DICTATES motor output based on conditions past experience reflexes etc PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM PNS outside CMSnerves bundles of axons that extend from brain and spinal cord Spinal nerves carry impulses to and from the spinal cord Cranial nerves carry impulses to and from the brain 2 subdivisions of PNSoSensory Division convey from SENSORY RECEPTORSCNS SOMATIC sensory fibres covey impulses from skin skeletal muscles and jointsVESCERAL sensory fibres transmit impulses from the visceral organs organs within ventral body cavity oMotor Divisiontransit impulse from CNS to effector organs SOMATIC nervous system VOLANTARY nervous system somatic nerve fibers conduct impulses from CNS to skeletal muscles allow us to consciously control skeletal muscles AUTONOMIC nevous system INVOLANTARY nervous systemregulates activity of smooth muscles cardiac muscles and glands we cannot control such activities
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