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Learning Objectives for Heart Part 13The heart is the centre of the cardiovascular system It is located between the lungs within the mediastinum medial cavity of the thorax4Pericardium tough connective tissue layer that encloses the heart It anchors and protects the heart and prevents it from over filling It consists of outer fibrous pericardium and inner serous pericardium The serous pericardium has a parietal layer and a visceral layer pericardial fluid fills the gap between these layers5Epicardium is the visceral layer of serous pericardium The myocardium is composed of cardiac muscle tissue muscle cells connect via elastin and collagen fibers The endocardium consists of endothelium and CT it lines heart chambers IT is continuous with endothelium in vessels leaving the entire heart Cardiac wall is highly vascularized6CT fibers reinforce myocardium internally and anchor cardiac muscle fibres7Some heart anatomy and blood flow8Heart has left and right atria and two left and right lower ventricles The internal septum separates the atria and ventricles There are two exterior grooves the coronary sulcus and the anteriorposterior interventricular sulcus9Systemic blood entres the right atrium via the superior vena cava veins above diaphragm inferior vena cava veins below disphragm and coronary sinus from myocardium Oxygenated blood enters the LEFT ATRIUM via 4 pulmonary veins 2 right 2 left10The patent foramen ovale PFO is a condition in which a foramen ovale in the atrial septum fails to seal after birth this can lead to a heart attack or stroke by allowing a travelling blood clot to enter the bloodstream and lodge in a coronary artery or an artery in the brain anti clotting drugs or surgery are treatments11Right ventricle pumps blood to pulmonary trunk left ventricle pumps blood to aorta Walls of left ventricle are three times thicker than those of right12Atrial myocarbium surround atria ventricular myocardium surround ventricles fibrous septum separates top from bottom1314Coronary circulation rises from base of aorta it provide blood supply to the heart15Coronary circulation is the shortest and fastest in the body The veins join together in the coronary sinus and empties blood to the right atrium16Blood flow is uni directional and is enforced by 4 valves in the heart
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