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University of Ottawa
Anatomy and Physiology

Human Skeleton 206 bones in human skeletonmake up about 20 of body weight 10kgAxial Skeleton Consists of 80 bones Three major regions Skull cranial bone facial bones Most complex 2 sets of bones 22 cranial bones and facial bonesThoracic cage sternum ribs Vertebral column vertebrae sacrum coccyxCranial Bones Most skull bones are flat bones except mandibleUnited by sutures and enclose the brain in the cranial cavity Cranial vault calvaria superior lateralposterior aspects of the skullforehead covers it up Cranial base anterior middle and posterior cranial fossae Provide sites of attachment for head and neck muscles Has 85 openings for nerves blood vesselsspinal cordCranium 8 bonesparietal 2 temporal 2 frontal occipital sphenoid ethmoid Curvature allows them to be selfbracing can be strong while being quite thinFrontal Bone Domeshaped bone also forms the roof of the orbitsanterior cranial fossa Articulates with paired parietal bones posteriorly meets Note supraorbital margin supraorbital foramen opening for passage of nerves and blood vessels and glabella area Lateral to glabella smooth area between brows has leftright frontal sinus mucous lined cavity within boneOne of paranasal sinuses Parietal Bones Pairedform superiorlateral aspects of skull therefore form bulk of cranial vault Four sutures joints m
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