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Anatomy and Physiology
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V3 STUDENT NAME STUDENT NUMBERANP 1107Midterm 1DateJune 1 2011InstructorTime1130 hDr J KomorowskiDuration1 hr 20 minINSTRUCTIONS142 multiple choice questions 1 mark1 correct answer per question two labelling question 25154 marks three definitions 3 marks and one descriptive question 5 marks46 QUESTIONS TOTAL54 marks total possible plus one BONUS mark 2 marks2Please use the computer sheet for the multiple choice questions but answer the labellingwritten questions right on the exam itself as well3Please put your name and student number at the top of each page of this exam and on your computer sheet and hand in everything when you have finished4Make sure this exam is completeThis exam contains 11 pagesThe excuse of missing a page will not be accepted after the examGOOD LUCKV3Page1V31Digestion of which of the following would be affected if the pancreas were severely damaged AdisaccharidesBlipids Cproteins Dboth B and CEall of the above would be affected equally2Which of the following is true about saliva and salivationAabout 70 of salivas content is waterBsalivation is controlled by the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system Csaliva is slightly acidic Dsaliva contains amylase pepsin and trypsinEsalivas pH is alkaline 73Which of the following is true about the oxidative phosphorylationAIt takes place in the mitochondrial matrixBIts main purpose is production of ATPCIts main purpose is production of CO2 and H2ODIt does not require oxygenEIttakes place in the cytosol4Digestion of lipids requires AbileBpancreatic amylaseCacidic pHDintact stomach5Which of the following is the correct order for the pathway that food follows through this area of the GI tract Apylorus duodenum ileum jejunum cecum Bjejunum duodenum cecum ileum pylorusCpylorus duodenum jejunum ileum cecum Dileum jejunum cecum duodenum pylorus Ejejunum duodenum pylorus cecum ileum 6Which of the following is true about vitamin KAVitamin K is produced by the liverBVitamin K is produced by bacteria living in the large intestineCAll vitamin K present in our body is delivered with foodDVitamin K requires the intrinsic factor for its transport and absorption7Which of the following A or B represents the absorptive stateTGTGFAV3Page2
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