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ANT 1101Chapter 3 Textbook NotesThe Beginnings of Human CulturePrimate Order the group of mammals that include lemurs lorises tarsiers monkeys apes and humansStudy other primates to gain hopefully gain an understanding of how and why humans first developedNatural Selection individuals with characteristics best suited to a particular environment survive and reproduce with greater frequency than those without them survival of the fittestAnatomical Adaptationlist of characteristics common to allPrimate Dentition diet available to arboreal in trees primates required unspecialized teethSense Organs mammals in trees are out of the way of most predators and good vision is a better guide than smell for judging where the next branch is Stereoscopic colour vision is the ability to see in 3D which lead to increased brain sizeThe Primate Brain great increase in brain size the cerebral hemispheres areas of conscious thought have grown dramatically The Primate Skeleton shift in backbone enables it to join the skull at the centre of its base more advantageous for an animal that assumes an upright postureChimpanzee BehaviourExhibit many similarities to humansStudy the family units ranking structurestatus grooming group protection sex life how they raise offspringShow remarkable dependence on learned cultural behaviourHuman AncestorsHominin a tribe of hominid primates the hominin to which all human spec
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