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ANT 1101Chapter 2 Textbook NotesThe Nature of CultureWhat is CultureConsists of the abstract values beliefs and perceptions of the world that lie behind peoples behaviour and that are reflected by their behaviour Culture is learned largely through the medium of language rather than inherited biologicallyWhy do cultures exist1A culture must satisfy the basic needs of its members2Deal with problems and matters that concern these members3Must strike a balance between the selfinterests of individuals and the needs of society as a whole4Must have the capacity to change and adapt to new circumstancesaltered perceptions of same circumstanceHow are cultures evaluatedMost groups of people feel that their culture is the bestanthropologists believe that all cultures are equally valid and must not be judged according to a set of standards from outside the culture to a degreeie Members of culture in perilhuman rightsCulture the shared ideals values and beliefs that people use to interpret experience and generate behaviour and that are reflected by their behaviourSir Edward Burnett Tylordefined culture in 1871 Many definitions have come and gone since thenPeople who share a common culture can predict how others are most likely to respond in a given circumstanceCulture Shock the shock confusion and insecurity that many people feel when living in an unfamiliar cultureLose the ability to predict b
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