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ANT 1101Chapter 4 Textbook NotesLanguage and CommunicationLanguage a system of communication using sounds or gestures put together in meaningful ways according to a set of rulesSymbols sounds or gestures that stand for meanings among groups of peopleSignal a sound or gesture that has a natural or selfevident meaningLinguistics the modern scientific study of all aspects of languageGoes back to the works of ancient grammarians in India more than 2000 years agoLinguistic Anthropologistsexamine the way people use language both verbal and nonverbal to develop social relationships with each other and to create maintain and reproduce social distinctionsPhonetics the study of the production transmission and reception of speech soundsPhonemes in linguistics the smallest classes of sound that make a different in meaningThe first step in studying any language once a number of utterances have been collected is to isolate the phonemesDone by a minimalpair test try to find two short words that appear to be exactly alike except for one sound ie Bit and pit in EnglishPhonetic alphabet developed by Edward SapirMorphemes in linguistics the smallest units of sound that carry meaningBound Morphemes a sound that can occur in a language only in combination with other sounds as s in English does to signify the pluralFree Morphemes morphemes that can occur unattached in a language for example dog and catPutting morphemes together to form phrases or sentences is known as identifying the syntactic units of a languageFrame Substitution a method u
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