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University of Ottawa

First Midterm Class slide notesLesson 1 Understanding culture Relatively new discipline19th centuryMore systematic study European colonist eralong process of trying to negotiate the position of anthropologist Culture bound theories began to be questionedRecognition the many theories were culture boundAnthropologist tried to see society as a wholeSocietyinterdependent group of people who live in the same region can communicate and interact with one another and are interdependent Social structure relationship among groups within a society that bind it togetherex family groups extended family groups religious groups how do they act togetherCulture Very elusive concept Helps shape behavior beliefs system Allows us to have a predictable social environmentTells you how to behave and thinksact related to how people thinkShaking hands in a societyWhat people do eat dress greet one another interactCulture systems help shape the world viewIt mean that the way we see the world isTypes of cultures have superstitious views of the world and that shapes their world view others not so muchLevels of cultureMacroculture national and internationalMicrosubculturepopular culture shared cultural views religious based ethnicity their own belief systemsCharacteristics of culture how we go about filling oir biological needsShared if only one person has a certain idea on how to behave there is a difference in every culture based on age and genderGender is a socialculture construct that defines ones status connotations of the rolesLearned not the innate senses that they haveEnculturation what is right and wrong and how to behave oDirect teachingoObservationoUnconscious absorptionolearned behavior that is not cultural is not shared Culture is symbolicHand gestures colorsThrough language we accumulate our thoughts and share our experiences Culture is integrated
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