APA 2120 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Motor Neuron, Mirror Neuron, Vise

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Give 4 examples of factors that can affect affordances and describe how the human / object interaction is affected. Affordance = how we interact with objects, and the possible interacitons an object yields to us. (from slide) - how qualities of the environment/object influence how you interact with them. If stimulus is ambiguous (unclear road signs) the response will be slower because its harder t process response since she could be turning either direction. Ambiguity also increases errors, as answer/correct response is not clear. End state of comfort we will pick something up awkwardly (like the mug) so that once were done picking it up its final position is in a comfortable position. Mirror neurons neurons that go off just by watching someone do an action. Its like your doing the action yourself. so makes us prepped to use the object? (as were already thinking about what we can do with the object?)

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