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APA 3118 Study Guide - Final Guide: Neoliberalism, Food Security, Treaty 7

Human Kinetics
Course Code
APA 3118
Courtney Mason
Study Guide

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APA 3118
December 1, 2014
Final Class
Final Exam
- 100 marks worth 35% of "nal grade
- 2.5 hours to complete
- Tuesday December 16: 2-430 pm
- SITE H0104
Section 1: Multiple Choice
- 12 questions
- 24 marks
- 70% of info from second half
- EX: The Rebel Sell is NOT directly related to:
oa) counter culture becoming consumer culture
b) consumption of sporting goods through
c) the cycle between cool and cliché
d) the quest for distinction through competitive
Section 2: Denitions
- 5 out of choice 6
- 25 marks
- put in sentence format
- 60% from second half
- give lots of details!
- draw on the source of info
- EX: Duke Kahanamoku:
oHawaiian surfer who brought fame to sur"ng, an Olympic
swimmer, early 1900s, won gold medals and set world
records in 3 Olympics, brought sur"ng to many locations
(SoCal, Aussie, NZ), discussed in alternative sport lecture,
credited for growth of sur"ng and globalization of sur"ng
and its economics and brand
Section 3: Short Answer
- 2 questions
- 16 marks
- can be point form
- from 2 readings/discussions
- only from the second half of course
owill not see readings from "rst half (they are only
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