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BIO 1130 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Cenozoic, The Mammals, Platypus

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BIO 1130
Jon Houseman
Study Guide

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When the dinosaurs vacate, there are two survivors
birds and mammals. You are looking at water
proddfing minibly and movement.
Whats so big about fbirds>?? They fly; they make an
interlocking surface that is light , you can push agains
the wind to cause lift. You have a group that launch
themselves into the air. There is a group that took it
a stage further. Once the other amll anials disappear
they have the feather advantage. They ran around
then then they sweep up insect you have animals with enlarged surfaces to sweep up air to pick up
insects. The original advantage and enlarged their feathers for intimidation and feeding.
The birds are dependant on the insects while the
amphibians were two.
TJhere is a massive reduction of the bones in the
skeelteon so that we end up with there is fused cbones
, they remove the teeth from the jaws to make them
lighter. They used a keratinized beak. They attach them
in a totally different way. THEY HAVE HOLLLOW BONES
regulate their body temperature; can create metaobloic acivty they can be see feedsers.
You have a synapsid skulls. You take the glands that are used for sense ot kep the airs of fur then you
will turn them into a feeding orgniasms. For mammals You ahve a kerintanized skiw. For the hairs to
work , The hair cannot become birtte to keep the hair soft and it makes create oister for sweating
therefore we need oil . these glands and hais are critical because it is a way to feed young. Rater than
having teeth of all the same type the mammals have specialized teeth. The mammals have teeth that do
very different things. THEY ARE HETERODAUNT. AS a consequcen of grouw you ened to add teeth. You
loose the teeth disiduous. There internalize the embryo and they the platypus sitll lay egges. When
they hatch;there is primary secretion from the skin to nourish the young..
They internalized. Marsupials there is ano blood barrier. The joey need to crawl out.
There is an exchange across the planet there isa new food aquidsoin.
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