BIO 1130 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Protocell, Hadean, Hydrogen Bond

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BIO 1130 Full Course Notes
BIO 1130 Full Course Notes
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Adhesion the force of attraction between unlike molecules, or between the surfaces of contacting bodies. Water can do this very well due to its polarity and hydrogen bonds. Archaean eon the development of anaerobic bacteria life and the accumulation of oxygen in the atmosphere. Biomonomers simple biological units that can be joined together to form longer units. Biopolymers macromolecules formed by bonding small monomer units. Carbon one of the most important elements to life, one of the key components of most organic molecules. Due to the 4 electron valences, they are able to form a huge variety. Can be part of long chains, or ring structures. Silicon has similar properties, but carbon was much more abundant of bonds during the formation of the earth. Cenozoic disappearance of dinosaurs and appearance of mammals and birds. Continents began moving into their current position. Central dogma an explanation of the flow of genetic information in a biological system.