BIO 1140 Study Guide - Final Guide: Facilitated Diffusion, Antibody, Aquaporin

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Cell theory: all cells come from the division of pre-existing cells, a cell is the functional and structural unit of all living organisms, all living organisms are composed of cells. Name the different organelles and recognize the roles/functions for each. For both animal and plant: (bolded if found in both eukaryote and prokaryote: ribosome. Made of a small (bottom) and large (top) ribosomal subunits. Involved in translation; small ribosomal subunit binds to mrna first, large ribosomal subunit comes in after. Found in both the er membrane (proteins for membrane/exocytosis) and in the cytoplasm (soluble proteins) Has 3 sites; a, p and e: plasma membrane. Fluid bi-lipid layer, made mainly of phospholipids and proteins. Wraps around cell, serves as a semi-permeable membrane that controls the flow of molecules/solutes and water in and out of the cell. Asymmetric; each layer exposed to different environments; therefore, different functions. Has polar proteins on each extremity, non polar inside the membrane.

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