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thMarch 26 2013Mezl Question on the final about drawing the bases with all the atoms ACTG and U with ALL the atoms including H Everything in DNA is a deoxyriboseThymidine is a deoxyribose as well but they get confused cause theres not deoxy prefixInstead of T in RNA we have UNucleic acids are not soluble in water Q12c Which of the two of the base and corresponding nucleoside will absorb more light at 260nm 1 mol equivalent of each they will have the same absorbancy If measuring in weight the base will absorb more light because the nucleoside has a bunch of sugar Q12d Mathews pge 95 all the NA get absorbed at 260nm purine has the most resonance structures are complicated so the curves will be complicated not to worry about for this course Phosphoric acid a very strong acid bc electronegativity and structure 3 acid groups on 1 molecule We have acid groups we can make e
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