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Lab BCM2333ndSection 10 Wednesday morning 2 weekLAB 4 Lipids and MembranesTA Vian PeshdaryPurposeDuring this experiment two membrane fractions were formulated from a rat liver tissue sample This sample provided two different fractions a microsomal enriched fraction along with a mitochondrial enriched fraction The lipids from the microsomal fraction were separated and analyzed via TLC plates The microsomal fraction was compared against the whole lipid sample extracted from the tissue Following this experiment the lipid and protein ratio in the mitochondrial fraction was analyzedR1Figure 1 2D TLC of lipid standards This figure shows the 2D analysis of three different lipid standards Standard one was composed of cardiolipin and phosphatidylcholine Standard two was composed of fatty acid and phosphatidylinositol The third standard was composed of cholesterol and phosphatidylinositol 5 microliters of each standard was pipetted onto both the acid and the base sections were as 10 microliters of the sample solution was positioned in the bottom right hand corner Were The first dimension contained a basic solvent CHCLMeOH3ammonia 65355VV whereas the second dimension contained an acidic solventCHCL3acetoneMeOHacetic acidHO 104221 VV The first dimension is represented on the left 2of the TLC plate the second dimension is represented at the top of the TLC plate Short forms
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