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MeasurementoEquator to north pole 10000 kmthe basic of the meteroDistance to the moon is like 10x around the earthoDistance to nearest planet is 100x more than to moon oDistance to geostationary satellite is 4x around the earth oDistance to photoweathersatellite and space lab is about 1100 of thiso40000 circumference of the earthWateroHydration interaction of water molecules w molecules of another substanceMolecules in solution of wateroSolubilitythe ability of a solvent to interact with a solute more strongly than solute particles interact with each otheroPolar due to electronegativity oxygen dipoles being stronger and pulling electrons away from the hydrogen oHydrogen bond intramolecular cohesionincreases melting point oSynthetic Rxn anabolicinvolve removal of water oBreak down Rxncatabolic involves addition of water oHydrophobic substances that cannot hydrogen bond with aqueous environmentoHydrophilic substances that can hydrogen bond with aqueous environment oAmphiphilic or amphipathic molecules with both hydrophobic and hydrophilic groupsEverything in the body can be put into these two groups1The hydrophilic compartmentsblood cytosols2The hydrophobic compartments fat membranes Coulombs law Kq1q2F2DroF the force repulsion btw 2 charges oSeparated by a distance RoD dielectric constant which measures the capacity of a solvent to separate and to stabilize charged molecules Ability to keep opposite charges apartoNonpolar solventD is low opposite charges attract each other so stronglythey form a saltoPolar solventD is high weaker forces btw ions in water Permitssignificant quantities of the ions to remain separated oVery polar solventDielectric constant Water is essential for the stability and the function of biomoleculesoThe outside polar group makes Hbonds and forms a cage of hydration of immobilize water
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