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1I have exam version a bonus mark to start you offaAbB2Choose the proper name for this fatty acida 18w9w11b 182w9c 18w6w9d 182w63Replace the following intermediates into the sequence corresponding to a beta oxidation round 3hydroxyacylCoA A fatty acylCoA B bketoacylCoA C trans enoylCoA Da B D C and Ab B C A and Dc B A C and Dd B A D and Ce B D A and C4Two important control steps for fatty acid oxidation are mediated by ACS and CPT2Those two enzymes are respectively located ina The cytoplasmic and inner mitochondrial membranesb The outer and inner mitochondrial membranesc The inner mitochondrial and cytoplasmic membranesd The nuclear and outer mitochondrial membranes5 are considered as ketone bodiesa Acetone acetoacetate bhydroxybutyrateb Malate acetoacetate acetonec Malate acetone bhydroxybutyrated Oxaloacetate acetoacetate acetonee Ketoglutarate acetoacetate acetone1Student Name Student Number6The end product ofis used as a substrate for ketogenesisaGlycolysisbKrebs cyclecFatty acid oxidationdFatty acid biosynthesis7For fatty acid biosynthesis acetylCoA is exported outside mitochondria a As malate via the tricarboxylate transporterb As ketoglutarate via the acylcitrate exchangerc As ketoglutarate via the tricarboxylate transporterd As citrate via the tricarboxylate transporter8Replace the following intermediates of triacylglycerol biosynthesis in the proper anabolic sequence from precursor toward final product DAG TAG PA lysoPAaPA DAG TAG lysoPAblysoPA DAG TAG PAclysoPA PA DAG TAGdDAG TAG lysoPA PA9This molecule corresponds to a Ceramideb sphingosinec phospholipidd phosphoethanolamine2
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