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List of Proteins from Coutu's section Here is a list of all the proteins described by Coutu in the 2010 course of Molecular Bio, including their descriptions. Because there are so many proteins listed in each lesson, this is a useful tool to discriminate

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Jos�e Coutu

BIGASS MEGA LIST OF PROTEINSEukaryotic TranscriptionTFIIDgeneral transcription factor made up of TBP and TAFTBPsubunit of TFIID which binds to the TATA box TATA Binding ProteinTAFsubunit of TFIID which recognizes GRE and INR sequences near TSS that are NOT TATATFIIBgeneral transcription factor recognizes BRE and allows for RNA polymerase orientationTFIIFgeneral transcription factor bound to RNA polymerase stabilizes TFIID and TFIIB and brings in TFIIEand TFIIHTFIIEgeneral transcription factor attracts and regulates TFIIHTFIIHgeneral transcription factor helicase activity to open up DNA helix and kinase activity whichphosphorylates Ser5 of CTD of RNPIISWISNFATPdependent remodelling complex subunit modify DNA around nucleosomes to allow for slidingISWIATPdependent remodelling complex subunit slides nucleosome without altering structureSWRATPdependent remodelling comples subunit switches H2AH2B with H2AZH2BFACTpart of the ATPdependent remodelling complex facilitates chromatin transcription by removing H2Aand H2B during transcription elongationHATshistone acetyltransferases chromatin remodelling which add acetyl groups to the histone tails whichactivate the gene or DNA for transcriptionPhosphataseremoves gamma phosphate of terminal rNTP for 5 capGuanyl transferaseinvolved with 5 cap turns GTP into GMP and adds it to terminal mRNA in 5 to 5 bond methyltransferaseinvolved in 5 cap adds methyl group to position 7 of guanine capBBPsplicing branch binding proteinwith U2AF it recognizes the branch point replaced by U2 later onU2AFsplicing with BBP it recognizes the branch point replaced by U2 later onU1splicing snRNP small nuclear ribonucleotide protein involved in sp
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