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Proteins, Mutants, and Mutagens (List of the Above from Rudner's Cell Reg & Control Section) - Note typo: Mad1 NOT part of MCC! and cdc4 = cdc45

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Adam Rudner

Cell Regulation and Control Rudners Section MutantsBudding Yeastcdc28ts budding yeasthomologous to cdc2 fission yeast arrest as unbudded cells G1 blocks the three main processes of spindle pole duplication initiation of DNA replication bud emergencetherefore the rest of the cell cycle codes for cyclindependent kinase 1 Cdk1cdc6ts budding yeastarrest as large budded cellsmutant in initiation of DNA replicationin cdc6delete they skip S phase example of mitosis with no tension cdc24ts budding yeast arrest at G1 to S transition mutant in bud emergencecdc16ts budding yeastarrest in mitosismutant inearly nuclear division all events occur except cytokinesis late nuclear division early nucleardivision codes for a part of the APCcdc2ts budding yeast arrests as large budded cell cdc31 budding yeast arrests in mitosis mutant in spindle pole duplication cdc21ts budding yeastarrests in DNA synthesis mutant in DNA synthesis all events occur except cytokinesis late nuclear division early nuclear division DNA synthesis cdc15ts budding yeast mutant in late nuclear divisionall events occur except late nuclear division and cytokine
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