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2012 final exam answers BIO1130

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University of Ottawa
Jon Houseman

BIO 1130FF Final examDecember 10 2012 Multiple choice questionsPlace your answers on the answer sheet Student NumberSeat NumberBIO 1130FF An Introduction to Organismal biology Final examination Worth 35 of your final grade December 10 2012 Part A Multiple choice questions 40 points 1 pointquestionaFill in the bubbles for your name and student number and BIO1130FF for the course code Fill in the same information in text in the boxes above the bubblesbUse only a pencil to fill in the answer sheet If you erase a question be sure to erase all of the pencil mark Dont place any marks anywhere on the sheet other than where the bubbles are for personal information or your answerscDo not place any answers on the question sheetdThis is not an open book exameA calculator is not required for this examCAUTION to minimize paper waste this part of the exam has been fprinted back to backNOTE If you do not fill in the student number and course code as BIO1130FF it will be impossible to identify your answer sheet and you ZERO for this part of the exam will receive aPage 1 of 7BIO 1130FF Final examDecember 10 2012 Multiple choice questionsPlace your answers on the answer sheet 1 The source of new alleles in a population is a adaptationb microevolutionc genetic driftd natural selectione mutation2 The protostome developmental sequence arose just once in evolutionary history resulting in two main subgroupsLophotrochozoa and Ecdysozoa What does this finding suggesta The protostomes are a monophyletic group b Division of these two groups occurred after the protostome developmental sequence appeared c These two subgroups have a common ancestor that was a protostome d All of the above apply3 A storm brings two formerly separated populations of beetles together They look very similar Under the biological species concept which of the following would show that the two populations are different speciesa One population breeds in spring the other in fall bMales of the two populations have different flight patterns in courtship cWhen individuals from the two populations mate with each other in the laboratory the eggs fail to hatch dAll of the above is correct eNone of the above is correct4 Two species of frogs belonging to the same genus occasionally mate but the offspring fail to develop and hatch What is the mechanism for keeping the two frog species separatea the postzygotic barrier called hybrid inviability b the prezygotic barrier called hybrid sterility c the postzygotic barrier called hybrid breakdown d gametic isolation e adaptation5 About which of these did Darwin have a poor understandinga the factors that cause individuals in populations to struggle for survival bthe sources of genetic variations among individuals c how a beneficial trait becomes more common in a population over the course of generations d that individuals in a population exhibit a good deal of variation e that much of the variation between individuals in a population is inherited6 Which of the following do all fungi have in commona meiosis in basidia b absorption of nutrients c coenocytic hyphae d symbioses with algae e sexual life cyclePage 2 of 7
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