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Bio Exam ReadingsOrganizing the Living WorldReadingsBiology Exploring the Diversity of Life First Canadian edition Chapter 19 Evolution and classification Why it matters 192 Systematic Biology An Overview 193 The Linnaean system of classification 194 From classification to phylogeny 195 Evaluating systematic characters 196 Phylogenetic inference and classification 196a Traditional evolutionary systematics 196b Cladistics Box Constructing a cladogram 1 198 Clarifications from molecular phylogenetics Chapter 20 Darwin fossils and developmental biology 208 Evolutionary developmental biology 208a Genetic ToolKits Controlling growth and development Carboniferous and Permian PeriodsBiology Exploring the Diversity of Life First Canadian edition Chapter 25 Plants 252 The transition to Life on land 252b Symbiotic associations with fungi werw likely required for the evolution of plants 252c Vascular tissue was an innovation for transporting substances within a large plant body 252d Root and shoot systems were adaptations for nutrition and support 252e In the plant life cycle the diploid phase became dominant 252f Some vascular plants evolved separate male and female gametophytes 255 Gymnosperms The first seed plants 255a Major reproductive adaptations occurred as gymnosperms evolvedall subsections 255b Modern gymnosperms include Conifers Conifers are the most common Gymnosperms Chapter 24 Fungi
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