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Organizing the Living WorldSlide InformationIn this Lecture TopicHow has the living world been grouped in the pastWhat didnt work when classifyingCladistics demonstrates what is thereCladogram for the whole worldSome Initial DefinitionsClassificationoGrouping objects into categoriesoCreates order regarding group of objectsoFairly commonoDeveloped rules that apply to taxonomy to classificationTaxonomyoWhen you classify things you eventually develop rulesoSet of rules applied to a classification systemSystematicsoSpecial taxonomyoEvolutionary relatedness to put things into a categoryMust all be related to one anotherShare common ancestorHierarchical oLinnaeusoNested structure nestingMust be related to evolutionary as wellDefinitionFinding a way to arrange biodiversity that is visible on the planetoMust be predictability if I found an animal that have a radula and radula are unique to molluscs then that animal must be a molluscCommunicates information used to retrieve sort use etc Taxonomy classificationoInformation retrieval system Puts in evolutionary accurate historical contextSystem needs to accommodate all the various changes flexibilityoAny characteristic make evolutionary treeOriginally done on morphology then embryology then molecularlyArrange biodiversity in a predictable pattern that is flexible
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