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Crossword Diversity Silurian and Devonian periods1These large tubes help supply air to insect tissues that require oxygen Trachea2Functionally the cells of the fruiting bodies of mushrooms have this chromosome compliment Nplusn3You wont find this stage in a hemimetabolous insect Pupa4This sugar reward in flowering plants is a gift to their pollinators Nectar5Ascomycotes get their name from this sac like structure that surrounds the spores Ascus6The water absorbing part of the plant Root7This biopolymer on the surface of the leaves helps prevent water loss Wax8Number of spores in an ascomycote spore producing structure Eight 9Gametophytes produce gametes and when theyre housed in an archgonia its what type of gamete Egg10Plant spores are produced inside this structure Sporangium 11One sperm nucleus in a flowering plant fuses with the egg to produce the zygote the other one fuses with two female nuclei to produce this Endosperm 12Controlled opening in a leaf though which gases and water move Stomata13Unlike the first vascular tissues in plants this describes the cell contents of higher vascular plants Missing14Number of nuclei inside an angiosperm pollen grain Two15In the female sporangium of a pine gymnosperm how many products of meiosis survive and fuse with the sperm One16During a walk in the woods which stage of the ferns life cycle are you seeing Sporophyte 17Usual name for a fern leaf Frond18Nitrogenous wastes are generated by a reptile embryo are stored here Allantois19The female cones of a pine are located on this part of the tree Top
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