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Aerobiccan only survive in the presence of oxygenAnaerobiccannot survive in the presence of oxygenAntibiotic Resistancethe ability of a bacterium to produce a protein that neutralizes an antibioticevolutionary mechanism for survivalof bacteriacan be transferred through bacterial reproduction ArchaeaExtremophiles can survive in high salt and high temperatures share traits with bacteria and eukarya but are molecularly and biochemically differentcan break down many pollutants ATP SynthaseEnzyme that catalyzes the production of ATP through phosphorylation with a proton gradientmembrane spanning proteins that transports protons across a membrane Autotrophcreates its own food by using CO and other simple inorganic 2compoundsBacillus Bacteriarod shaped bacterial cellsmajority are gram positive and motile Bacteriaone of the 2 domains of prokaryotesmost metabolically diverse organismsBacterial flagellumspecialized proteins build a tube off the membraneproton pump motor creates gradient like ETCenergy converted to shape change which spins motor 1018 rpmBacteriophageA virus that infects a bacteria virus does not completely destroy host DNA and virus then picks it up Binary fissionProkaryotic cell divisiondividing into 2 partsCapsuleexternal layer of polysaccharides coating the cell wall of many prokaryotesCellular Respirationprocess by which energy rich molecules are broken down into ATPCelluloseprimary constituent of cell walls
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