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stBiologyOctober 1 PodcastHadean and Achaean EonsHadean Is the period of time when the earth is going to go from a molten mass to something that has a permanent crust on itIn the water systems that will develop at this time primarily the earth is a massive floating planet with a water surface all over there is no continental land mass necessarily a this point in time but we are going to get the first beginnings of life to appear by the end of the HadeanSo big question How do we get from this circumstance of a molten planet to a planet thats about to support the creation of life with the very first cells on the face of the planetAchaeanis that period of time on the planet when we had no oxygen we have what is called a reducing environment and hydrogen sulfide and all of those toxic chemicalsbacteria are going to dominate at that period of timeProterozoicwhen we finally get the oxygen environment in place and we are going to get bacteria and single cell eukaryotes that are going to take advantage of that oxygen environmentPhanerozoicwe are going to see multicellular organisms make their appearance The HADEAN Eon is a period of 08 Billion years the age of the earth and the solar system theres some debate on this whether its 48 or 46 bilionyears but it doesnt really change the story that we are interested in because what we really have at this particular point in time is a solar system that is just formingThe milky way galaxy and our solar system that is in the milky way galaxy all have a similar origin and we now know that these origins are pretty much the same wherever you goWhen we get planets and when we get solar systems we are really talking about a process called accretion and small particles globbed together to become larger particles larger particles can attract smaller particles to become bigger and this is going on on a galactic scale and so over a period of time all of these particles and these elements start to collide with each other and you get things thats start to get bigger and bigger the biggest kind of object you get is the sun the sun is the center of our solar system These collisions are getting to the point where they are so massive that when they occur they release so much energy that what happens is that hydrogen atoms are being fused to form helium and when that fusion occurs is basically a hydrogen bomb a nuclear reaction that reaction gets out of
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