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oAdhesiono water is attracted to other moleculesimportant distinct quailty in water different then cohesion allows it to be a good solventhow water moves up plant stemsooArchaean eono One of the 4 major eons in earth history 38 25 billion years ago Bacterial life prokaryotes start to formAnaerobic only oxygen starts to accumulate major period of continent formationooBiomonomersoooBiopolymersoMade by living organisms made up of biomonomers in repetitive units some spontaneously fold into compact shapes which determines there function ex proteins starch chitin proteins peptides DNA and RNA are all examples of biopolymers in which the monomeric units respectively are sugars amino acids and nucleotidesooCarbono Chemical element atomic6 Nonmetal organic compound that forms the physical basis of all living organisms 4 bondsable to link to each other and form chains and ringsooCentral DogmaoThe important idea in biology that genetic information is coded in selfreplicating DNAwhich undergoes unidirectional cannot go backwards transfer to mRNAs in transcriptionthen in protein synthesis by translationooChemical evolutionoThe formation of complex organic molecules from simpler inorganic molecules happened by chemical reaction in the ocean during earths early historyooCohesionoThe high resistance of water molecules to separationwater sticks to its selfunique quality that makes water important for life
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