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Jon Houseman

Lecture 1 Biology Biologists and BioscienceSlide 1historical perspective on biology and the major events involved with biologyscientific revolution is really only about the physical sciences chemistry math astronomy physics etcbiology is a young science eg DNA was only discovered 60 years agobiology deals with processes events histories etcbiology is put down since it has no mathematical proofs and it is held back for a long period of time Slide 2 biology is impeded due to dominance of physical sciences which involved math and was deemed acceptablemany misconceptions about biology impede biological developmentnatural science vs physical science Slide 3 bio referring to the biospherebiology is the science of lifethe word biology is only 115 years oldfirst definition by Treviranusbiologists were known as naturalists who observed and collected stamp collectorsscientific community did not consider naturalists to have same rigor as those compared to math physics etc Slide 46 major periods of time involving innovationschanges in science 1000 years of Greek and Roman timesthey travelled the word and had massive networks of commerce and ability to sponsor learning and knowledge culture engaged in learning 450 CE complete crash where Rome is sacked by Germanic tribes and all of the knowledge disappears and is not practicedentry into the Medieval Ages16th century recovery from Medieval Ages and entry into renaissance and there is economy and knowledge blossoms again scientific revolution and knowledge is key19th century people question the tenants of biology 20th century understanding of biological principlesSlide 5400 BCE450 CEwealth produces luxuryphilosophersknowledge and understanding Hippocratesbiology of the human body condition of the human bodyassociated with medicine Hippocratic oathAristotlegathers descriptions and locations from travellers regarding land and animals allows for knowledge of diversity of animalscreates the first compendium of animals and creates an inventory of biodiversity Theophrastuscreates first inventory of plants to look for medicinal value and healing properties agricultural benefits etc groupsorganizes plants based on observations such as reproductive structures the way the plant flowers and generates seeds provides a basis for the catalogue that Linnaeus creates later onknown as the father of taxonomy and classification in terms of plants due to his authoritative compendium Slide 6scala naturae the great chain of being there are very important divinities who are at the top Goddeity and below them are the arch angels angels man birds land and ocean animals plants worms and bugs and the devil essentialism contains the essence of life with no chance for change and will not be promoted along the scala naturae Slide 7450 CE16th century The Medieval Agesthe sack of Rome by Germanic Goth tribes mark the end of education no one maintains education learning and knowledge of language books since no one can read the contenteconomic collapse and infrastructure collapses in Europe no more communication unity coordination etc 600 CE mini iceage volcanic eruption which alters Earths atmosphere and temperatureagricultural collapse along with economic collapsemassive death all time is spent on trying to survive leading to the collapse of education and science takes 400 years for recovery10001300 CE High Middle agesmarks the come back of commerce culture knowledge ie the great cathedrals that are built during this time period religious institutions redistribute books arrival of the Black Plague in 1300 CE killing 12 to 23 of the population in Europe in 4 years
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