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Jon Houseman

Archean EonSlide 32Archean eon comes from archea Slide 34cocciroundbacillirod shapedbacteria named was based on size shape and mobility there are too many bacteria now to be named based on morphological differencesbacteria are now classified based on genome structurenamed using strains ie strain numbers identifies genomic fingerprint Slide 35bacteriavery small and simplebag of cytoplasm surrounded by phospholipid plasma membranecytoplasm includes ribosomes for protein synthesis and nucleusnucleus is a single circular DNA material with no membraneDNA is dense in the nucleoid area contains circular plasmidno compartmentalization only regions of specialization involves the first forms of lifediverse forms of metabolism to capture energy various types of asexual reproduction no internal organelles chromosome strand is packagedcytoplasm surrounds ribosomes and nuclear material that is contained in a nucleoid made of packed chromosomes which stabilizes DNA strand plasma membrane surrounded by nonliving cell wallscell wall peptidoglycan layer and the outer membrane ensures integrity of the cell due to osmotic issuesunique spinning flagellum allows for motility Slide 36gram stains positivestainednegativedidnt staingram positive bacteriacell wall contained by peptidoglycan which is the part that stains sugarproteinlong chain of alternating dimer 2 different sugar molecules with 4 amino acids linked to another 4 amino acids on the adjacent chain forming the matrix of the cell wallmesh is formed made up of sugar molecules with 4 amino peptide branches that are interwoven with other amino acid strands and this gives rigidity to the cell wall
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