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Updated April 14 2010DNA RNA structure and functionWhy are multiple copies of tRNA and rRNA genes neededaThese RNAs are destroyed very rapidlybThese RNAs are very stablecThese RNAs are needed in large amountsdThese RNAs do not benefit from the extra amplification step that occurs for proteinencoding genesec and dIf you treat mitotic chromosomes with solutions that extract histones what happensaThe chromosomes become more condensedbThe DNA separates into two single strands instead of remaining as a double helixcHistonefree DNA can be seen to extend outward as loops from a protein scaffolddThe chromosomes precipitateeThe chromosomes become branchedWhat postulates that the state and activity of a particular region of chromatin depends upon the specific modifications or combination of modifications to the histone tails in that regionIt suggests that the pattern of modifications adorning the tails of the core histones contains encoded information governing the properties of the nucleosomes containing themathe DaVinci codebthe chemiosmotic hypothesiscthe histone codedthe genetic codeethe endosymbiotic hypothesisFor DNA structure more compact structures are based upon simpler structures Explain what this meansReplicationWhich type of replication results in 2 duplexes made of one parental strand and one newly synthesized strandasemiconservative replicationbconservative replicationcdispersive replicationdincisive replicationereservative replicationIn eucaryotes replication moves out from the origin indirections and is said to be aopposite unidirectional
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