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Unit 22 TranscriptionTranscription in Eukaryotes What is a gene Up to now we have considered DNA as only DNA But DNA is divided into functional DNA and nonfunctional DNA Genic and nongenic What is a functional unit and what is a geneThis was a simple question but now is not so simple The simple answer is a gene codes for a protein as in genomics But does it Genes also code for RNA and some genes are not translatedWhy do we need to know this definition Because we need to understandInformation flowTranscription in Eukaryotes and Gene regulation The original definition was genetic and reflected the lack of understanding of DNA or RNA ie PhenotypeExamples includeUnit association with an inherited traitGenes are the units of heredity in living organismsBiological or basic unit of heredity found in all cells But soon after we added molecular informationExamples include Unit of information of a chromosome Basic unit of heredity a section of DNA coding for a particular traitA gene codes for a proteinModern view of a gene Cisacting sequences They bind proteins needed for transcriptional control and RNA synthesisTransacting Are the proteins being biding by the cisacting sequences A geneis a piece of DNA that is going to be transcribed into RNARegulatory sequences are genetic units that can be transcribed or translated if its a protein carrying a gene Some of them are involved in regulationGenes are not contiguousGenome
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