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Midterm 1

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Doug Johnson

NAME STUDENT BIO 1140 Introduction to cell biology MIDTERM 1 thFebruary 9 2013 Dr KM GilmourMULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONNAIRE KK Instructions 1 Make sure that you have a complete test packageYou should have a set of multiple choice questions with a writtenanswer questionnaire and a ScantronBoth components must be returned at the end of the midterm 2 Fill in the Scantron with your name student number and course code BIO 1140 KK Answer the following 20 multiple choice questions on the Scantron sheet providedChoose only one answer from among the choices20 marks1 Which one of the following is not a model organism a Danio rerio b Saccharomyces cerevisiae c Caenorhabditis elegans d Escherichia coli e Elysia chlorotica2 Which one of the amino acids below could be phosphorylated a Alanine b Leucine c Valine d Tyrosine3 You are attempting to characterize a novel receptorYou note that the receptor includes seven transmembrane domainsThe novel receptor probably belongs to the family of a G proteincoupled receptors b Steroid hormone receptors c Receptor tyrosine kinases d None of the above
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