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thBIO Notes January 30The CytoskeletonFunctionof the cytoskeleton support animal cells that lack a cell wall plant cells where and how the cell wall formsshape 2 Organizing the interior of the cell defining the interior 3 Movementthings within or movement of the whole celldivisionmust change shape and moveMicrotubules largest cytoskeletal elements dimater of 25nm fairly stiff found in all eukaryotic cells two types cytoplasmic dynamic labileand axonemal stableform cilia or flagellum dont move muchHow microtubules are put togethersuper molecular complexesmade of proteins that are made into a more complex structuremade of tubulin alpha and betaform a heterodimer joined by non covalent interactionsbeta and alpha Beta tubulin hydrolizes GTP Both bound to GTP Microtubules13 protofilaments Tubulinalphabeta heterodimer Take them and line them up always alpha on bottom and beta on topcalled a protofilamentpolarity plus and minus endsplus end grows take 13 protofilaments and arrange them into a cylinder using non covalent interactionsnot stable on its ownvery changeable labileGTP or GDP bound to beta tubulin GTP and beta T polymerizes readily but with GDP it breaks apart GTP tublin grows into microtubules and GDP tubulin dissociates Hydrolysis on beta tubulin but not alpha All beta tubulin get GDP after hydrolization at m
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