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BIO1140 StudyFest April 12th 2011BEFOREConduct a major review early enough to allow for a visit to the instructor during his office hours if necessaryBreak up the study tasks into manageable chunksespecially during major reviews prior to exams Studying three hours in the morning and three in the evening will be more effective than studying at a six hour stretch Studying while you are mentally fatigued is usually a waste of timeStudy the most difficult material when you are alertDURINGAnswer questions in a strategic order 1Answer easy questions firstto build confidence score points and mentally orient yourself to vocabulary concepts and your studies It may also help you make associations with more difficult questions2Then difficult questions or those with the most point value With objective tests first eliminate those answers you know to be wrong or are likely to be wrong dont seem to fit or where two options are so similar as to be both incorrect With essay questions broadly outline your answer and sequence the order of your pointsAFTERReviewResist the urge to leave as soon as you have completed all the items Review your test to make sure that youhave answered all questions did not mismark answers did not make simple mistakes1 Name the five functions of the cell membrane 1 Define boundaries selectively permeable barrier2 Localisation and organisation Scaffold for biochemicalactivities enzymes eg mitochondria3 Regulation of solute transport In and out of cell andor organelles Uphill or downhill eg NaKATPase4 Responses to external signalsReceptors and signal transduction eg adrenoreceptor5 Celltocell communication Recognition adhesion exchange ofmaterials Gap junctions plasmodesmata2 Describe what is meant by the Fluid Mosaic Model and why this is applicable to the cell membrane Lipidprotein assembly in which components are held together in athin sheet by noncovalent bonds Two fluid lipid layers structural backbone permeability barrierMosaic of proteinsunique complement responsible for specific functions 10 nm thickmembrane structure according to the fluid mosaic model in which integral membrane proteins are suspended individually in a fluid lipid bilayer Peripheral proteins are attached to integral proteins or membrane lipids mostly on the cytoplasmic side of the membrane shown only on the inner surface in the figure In the plasma membrane carbohydrate groups of membrane glycoproteins and glycolipids face the cell exterior
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