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Study Notes Biology Lab ExamthApril 6 2011 830pm 1000pmBismillahirRahmanirRahimLab 1 Intro to MicroscopyObservation of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells Image Pro Express software that allows you to take digital pictures of your observations under the microscopeWhat happens if the microscope is not kept upright The ocular lens will fall out We have developed a competency for BRIGHT FIELD MICROSCOPY throughout these exercises Parts of the MicroscopeRevolving nosepiece supports objective lensesallows for simple change of magnificationStage supports specimen Allows you to move specimen on X and Y axes Coarse Focus Knob permits rapid change in distance Rough focussing Do not use with 40x objective Fine Focus small changes in distance Final Focussing Ocular Eyepiece magnifying element usually 10x You look through this to see the image Parafocalwhen an object is in focus with one objective the focus will not be completely lost when changing to the next objective Objectives Magnifying element closest to the specimen Condenser System of lenses that concentrate the light furnished by the illuminator Does not magnify Condenser Height Adjustment Knob CHAK allows the focus of concentrated light onto the specimenAperture Iris Diaphragm Used to reduce glare from unwanted light by adjusting angle of the cone of light that comes from CONDENSER Iris controls resolution by matching numerical aperture of condenser to that of objective Most important part of a microscopeobjective The best image is the CLEAREST image Resolving power ability to see 2 objects that are close together and still be able to recognize that they are separate Human eye sees 2 objects less than 100 um apart as being in CONTACT with eachother Numerical Aperture NA determines resolving power of the objective
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