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Key words cnidarianaboral surfacesurfaces away from or opposite the mouthanusacontiathreadlike defensive organscomposed largely of nettling cells nematocyststhrown out of the mouth or special pores of certain sea anemone when irritatedanthozoabiradial symmetrysiphonoglyphsmuscular septagonads in gastrodermisopercular nematocystsblastulahollow sphere of cells formed during an early stage of embryonic development in animalsthe blastula is created when the zygote undergoes the cell division process known as cleavagebuddingform of asexual reproduction in which a new organism grows on another onethe new organism remains attached as it grows separating from the parent organism only when it is maturenewly created organism is a clone and is genetically identical to the parent organismcnidariacnidocytespolyp body planepitheliomusculatureplanula larva cnidocilsensory hair triggerdetects chemicals associated with preyA modified flagellum on the cnidocyte that causes the nematocyst inside to firecnidocyststype of venomous cell that contain nematocysts aka stinging cellprovides a means for them to catch prey and defend themselves from predatorslocated in the epidermiscnidoglandular lobesecretes enzymes for food digestion and absorptionconnexonforms pores between cellsnecessary for cell to cell communication cytoplasmic flowcytoplasm travels through a hydrophilic porescubozoapolyp undergoes metamorphosis into a meduseunique eyepedaliacontains a gonad mouth tentacle and rhopalium contains a statocyst and eyesbox jellies with quadraradial symmetry
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