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MolluscKeywordsAdaptive RadiationEvolution of a variety of different species from a single common ancestor Each is adapted for a particular niche and the appearance of the descendants may vary considerably from each other and the ancestor Distinct characteristics that have been modified in a bewildering number of waysAbductor MuscleA muscle that moves any part of the body away from the central midline In brachiopods it opens the bivalve shell when its relaxedAdductor MuscleA muscle that moves part of the body toward the central midline In brachiopodsand bivalves it closes the bivalve shellAlbumin GlandThese glands increase considerably when the female is about to produce eggs And while the ovaria are located in the top of the shell the albumen glands are located in the top of the mantle cavity and in the reproductional season they move closer to the shell opening and can even fill a large part of the right mantle cavityAtriuma chamber used in anatomical nomenclature to designate a chamber affording entrance to another structure or organ Only one atrium in Gastropods due to asymmetryBioluminenceHow living organisms produce light Many organisms that live in the deep dark of the oceans or in other environments at night use flashing lights bioluminescence to communicate Seen in cephlapodsBranchial HeartCephlapods Modification of the circulatory system to form secondary hearts that pump blood into the gillsCecumpat of the digestive tract a pouch connected to the large intestine Ciliated sorting field located between the stomach and digestive gland where intracellular digestion of the food will occur These sorting fields allow only particles with the proper size to enter the digestive gland Those larger than this are either rejected and passed to the intestine or sent back into the stomach for further digestionCiliated ventral footdorsal mantle located on it The ventral foot is used in locomotion This foot propels the mollusc by utilizing muscular waves andor cilia in combination with mucusCrystalline styleA rodlike structure in some mollusc stomachs made of enzymatic proteins required for digestion Cilia lining the stomach rotate the crystalline style which grinds against the gastric shield to release the digestive enzymes
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