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University of Ottawa
Jon Houseman

Mollusca Key WordsAbductor Muscle a muscle that moves any part of the body away from the central midline In brachiopods like clams it opens the bivalve shellAdaptive Radiation evolution of a variety of different species from a single common ancestor Each is adapted for a particular niche and the appearance of the descendants may vary considerably from each other and the ancestorAdductor Muscle a muscle that moves a part of the body toward the central midline In brachiopods like clams it closes the bivalve shellAlbumin Gland secretes the egg capsules and the perivitelline fluidAtrium Bioluminescence how living organisms produce light Many organisms that live in the deep dark of the oceans or in other environments at night use flashing lights bioluminescence to communicateBranchial Heart modification of the circulatory system to form secondary hearts that pump blood into gillsCecum part of the digestive system and is used for absorbing and digesting nutrientsCiliated Sorting Field found in the stomach of the molluscs Cilia are used to channel the food into the digestive gland intestine for the final digestion The cilia also sort the particles as food or notfood to ensure that the food is going to be digested and the nonfood is excreted from the bodyCiliated Ventral Foot the main source of locomotion for molluscs The cilia on the foot help to pull the animal along in constant motion acting like a conveyor beltCrystalline Style a rodlike structre in some mollusc stomachs made of enzymatic proteins required for digestion Cilia lining the stomach rotate the style which grinds against the gastric shield to release the digestive enzymes The string of mucous with food particles in it from the mouth is wrapped around the styleCtenidium molluscan gills that often have additional functions other than respiration There are cilia on the surface of the gills that propel water in a unidirectional motion which allows for respiration and waste disposal They are extra big in clams because they are specialized for feeding Dart Sac contains the darts in snails which are used during reproduction
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