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Jon Houseman

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Annelida Key WordsAciculum chitinous support rods within parapodia unjointed lateral outgrowths from the bodyAlphaChitin all of the chitin molecules that make up the sheet run in the same directionAnnelida phylum containing earthworms leeches and marine worms segmented worms They are all triploblastic bilaterally symmetric and eucoelomate Aortic Arches a series of six paired embryological vascular structures which give rise to several major arteriesBetaChitin chitin molecules that make up the sheet run in alternating directions Beta chitin makes up the setal hairs which extend from the body wallCalciferous Glands small round extensions of the esophagus that secrete calcium ions into the esophagus These help regulate the calcium ion concentration in the gut as well as the pH level of the worms bodyChloragogen Tissue acts similarly to the vertebrate liver Converts excess carbohydrates into energy storage molecules of glycogen and fatClitellum special fused metameres in oligocheates and leeches that secrete mucous during matingCo
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