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Jon Houseman

Bryozoan Key WordsAncestrula the founding zooid that undergoes asexual budding to form a bryozoan colonyBryozoa phylum of aquatic invertebrate animals They are filter feeders that get food particles out of water using a retractable lophophoreCardiac stomach the part of the stomach in bryozoans that is closest to the mouthCecum the part of the bryozoan digestive tract where the digestion occurs so that food can be absorbed in nutrient form Coelom a true body cavity completely lined by mesoderm which forms the peritoneum Animals with true coeloms are referred to as eucolomatesCystide In bryozoan colonies it consists of the nonliving shells or casing and the living part of the animal that secretes the casing The cystide doesnt include the lophophoreEctoprocta also known as the bryozoansEnterocoleus the enteron develops two mesodermal pouches on its sides like mickey mouse ears which eventually bud off an begin forming the mesodermEpistome flaplike covering of the oral opening in lophophorates Form
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