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Jon Houseman

Nematoda Key WordsAcoelomate triploblastic animals that do not have an internal body cavity Most accurately used with the triploblasts not the diploblasts Amphid unique to the nematodes these paired sensory structures are located on the sides of the head An external pore leads to an inner chamber and the sensory receptor is formed from modified ciliaBlastocoel during the development of the embryo single cells divide and form a hollow ball of cells on cell layer thick The cavity inside this hollow ball is the blastocoelCollagenous Cuticle nonliving outer covering made of collagen protein polymers chitin or carbohydrate polymers It is produced by the epidermis underneath It is made up of layers that form a meshEpitheliomuscular Pharynx is system of circular muscles form valves on the pharynx so that food can be swallowed When the posterior valve closes the anterior valve opens and the pharynx sucks in food The anterior valve closes causing the posterior valve to open and the pharynx contracts thus pushing the food into the intestine for digesti
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