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AbdomenSegment in the insect bodyResponsible for food storageOvaries can enlarge in femalesCan expand and contract comprised of major tagmaExcretory functionAll functions as a result of expandable abdomenAlbuminPresent in amniote eggsProvide the developing embryo with nutrients and waterEssential to embryonic development outside of maternal organismAllantoisStores nitrogenous waste removed from the embryo primarily uric acidPresent in amniote eggsAt hatching part of the allantoic membrane surrounding the allantois becomes a portion of the organisms bladderAmetabolous metamorphosisLarvae is essentially identical to adultNo wing developmentAll non winged insects display thisAmnionA fluid filled sac that surrounds the embryo during developmentPresent in amniote eggsAllows life on dry land liberates organisms from reliance in standing waterAmniotesContains both mammal and reptilian lineageCreate miniature ocean to keep zygote hydrolizedHave amniotic fluidAmphibiaFeed mainly on insectsTongue extends and has sticky structure on end to allow predationTakes advantage of moist conditions in carboniferousLimbs are not under center of gravity rather out to side cause stomach to dragBreathe across moist skinUse mucus gland to moisten skinMust lay eggs and fertilize them in waterArbuscular mycorrhizal fungiOldest and most abundant type of mycorrhizal fungiFormed by glomeromycete fungiFungal hyphae penetrate cells of roots forming arbusculesMay have been crucial for the colonization of land plants as they increase intake of both nutrients and waterArchegoniumGametangia found in bryophytesFlask shaped produces and protects the egg gameteSee archegonia in SILURIAN AND DEVONIANArthropodSee arthropoda in SILURIAN AND DEVONIANAscocarpFruiting body containing asciFound in ascomycetesAscomycotaType of ectomycorrhizal fungiInclude trufflesCharacterized by presence of acocarp containing ascus
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