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Organizing the living worldCataloging biodiversity past and presentAdaptive radiationDerived charactertraitCluster of closely related species that are each adaptively specialized to a specific habitat or food source Advanced traits came later not a primitive condition Something new an innovation Some trait that is not an ancestral traitAdvanced charactersA derived character that is a new version of a trait found in the most recent common ancestor of a group Most recentAnalogousSimilar function but different evolutionary origins Wings on a bat and birdApomorphyApomorphies Derived characters that are within a group Artificial taxonomy Aristotle breaks folk taxonomy by writing things down causing lists to be made by combining them with other list creating many more ways to categorize thingsAutoapomorphy A derived trait that is unique to a given groupBinomenScientific animal name genus then species In Latin example Homo sapiens Camera eye A lens that projects an image on a surface Occurs in two places the octopods and the fish and all their predecessors Character convergenceWhen two evolved species interact so that one converges towards the other traits wiseCharacter polarity A hypothesized sequence of evolutionary
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