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MesozoicKeywords1Amniote animalsAre a group of tetrapods that include Synapsids mammals and birds and reptilesA type of development of higher vertebrates in which the amnion surrounds the embryo in a bag of amniotic fluid the egg is capable of gas exchange The development of amnion enabled the eggs to be laid on land for the first time in vertebrate evolution2Anapsid An amnioteThe skull does not have opening near the templesExampleturtle3AngiospermFlowering plants that are seed producing and are distinguished from the gymnosperms by a series of synapomorphiesflowers endosperm and the production of fruit that contain the seed The life cycle possesses the following characteristicsiReproductive structures are flowersiiOvules are embedded in female sporphylls iiiGametophytes are reducedivDouble fertilization to produce a diploid triploid endosperm nutritive materialvSeeds enclosed in fruits that develop from the ovary or related structures4AntherUpper two lobed part of a plant stamen that is usually yellow in colorEach lobe contains two pollen sacs within which are numerous pollen grainsWhen the anther ruptures the pollen grains are released5Bird hipped dinosaursOrnitischians dinosaurs Possessed the hip structure similar to that of birds but were not the ancestors of birds The pubis bone part of the structure of the hip points downwards and towards the tailPossessed a wider pelvis that made them more stable while moving6CarpelOvule and the seed producing reproductive organ in angiospermsComposed of a terminal style tipped by the stigmaA unit of a gynoecium7Cartilaginous fishComposed of a skeleton that is made of cartilages rather than bonesHave jaws paired fins and a paired nostrils and two chambered heart
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