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Section 2Analogycomparison between two species based on their structureex comparison between bats and birds wingstwo different analogies homologous and homoplasyBicarbonateHCO3One of the reactants in the carbon cyclereacts with Ca and other metals in the water to form sediments that fall to the sea bedBiogeographyAnimal adapt to the environment they are living inEssence of being a certain animal differs depending where the animal livesGeorgesLouis LeclercCarboncycleseriesofreactionsthatoccurintheenvironmentthatconvertcarbonintodifferentformssourcesofcarbonwastedeadanimalsexhaustexcreatessedimentstoformseabedCarbonatesaltsexCaCO32productofareactionbetweenCO2andabaseH2OthesedimentsatthebottomoftheseabedinsolubleinwaterCatastrophictheorytheory that the Earth has been affected in the past by sudden shortlived violent events possibly worldwide in scopeCuvierCelltheoryAll living organisms are composed of cells They may be unicellular or multicellularThe cell is the basic unit of lifeCells arise from preexisting cellsproposed by Schwann and SchleidenCommonancestryOne of Darwins five theoriesComparative anatomy ex bones in the arm of whales humans and bats are the sameComparative embryology how an embryo changes over timevestigial structures ex goosebumps nictatating membrane in the corner of the eye appendix is actually not a vestigial structurebiogeographymolecules follow common ancestries using DNA and proteinsComparativebiologyGeorgeCuvieristhefounder
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