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Modern theory and More part 2 slide 55 to end.docx

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Modern theory and More part 2 slide 55 to end1Speciationmayer sits down and tries to tackle what a specie is populations consist of organisms of same species Biological species problems it cannot be used with fossils and geological time cannot bring them back and observe them Ex horse Implies sexual reproduction and recombination of gametes This dosnt happen with bacteria because they duplicate Biological specie concept leaves us with a problemEcological species concept every specie is adapted to a certain nich and no other species can adapt to that nich The nich concept Habitat and nich specialization New species will get outcompeted in a nich and therefore this will explain this specieThe morphospecies concept almost everything was dont with morphological appearance These morphological traits are part of the names This morphologie concept deals with divergent and convergence Problematic may mask something that is there morphology when more investigation happens we can see a fine details which makes them different even though u couldnt distinguish them with morphology Ex elephants Most bacteria have the same morphology which makes us not be able to distinguish them very problematic In some specie there are a phenomenal range in appearance but they are a part of the same specie but their morphology can cause a blinding affect Birds and reptiles people thought that birds were soo different because they could fly but with genomics we can see that birds are just flighted reptiles Ex dogs and wolves no difference in genomes besides the fact that the dog was domesticated dog and wolves subsepecie name Learn subspecie conceptRing species Ex rat snakes slide 60 time 843Explain ring species Parapatric speciation learn that too Perapatric means adjacent isolated evolution Ex terrestrial salamanderRing species because of isolation factors some species are separated and populate other regions and produce offsprings with natural selection with generations the species change soo much from the other population that they create their own subspecies through evolution and with more time they will evolve soo much that they become a completely new evolution Hybrids are not well enough adapted to their environment no protection against predators2 Reproductive isolation Slide 62 time 858Pre zygoticwe can prevent the meet of sperm an egg We are not going to let a zygote be made Habitat they live in different ecosystems so they can never create a zygote
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