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Key wordsWell known New termsAnaerobicAspecificformofcellularrespirationthatproduces6Absorptive heterotroph secretes enzymes netatpforthecelltouseForcellsthatdontcontainmitochondriainto the open to digest food then absorbs it thisisthereonlywaytogainenergyexamples include fungiAlgaesimple nonflowering and typically Antibodyblood protein produced in aquatic plant of a large assemblage that response to and counteracting a specific includes the seaweeds and many singleantigen Antibodies combine chemically with celled forms Algae contain chlorophyll but substances which the body recognizes as lack true stems roots leaves and vascular alien such as bacteria viruses and foreign tissuesubstances in the bloodAerobicAspecificformofcellularrespirationthatproduces32Antigen a toxin or other foreign substance ATPnetforthecelltocarryoutitsfunctionsItcontainstheelectronwhich induces an immune response in the transportchainprotongraidentsandthecommonpyruvicacidbody especially the production of antibodiesAnimalia One of the five kingdoms of life all Caspin proteinits members include multicellular organisms that need to ingest there energy ie not from the sun and are called heterotrophicAntibiotic resisitence Through adaption to Archea The most extreme type of bacteria the anti biotic drug remain bacteria grow that live in the most dangerous areas of the immune and a new anit biotic is needed to kill worldoff the bacteriaBacterial flagellum A lash link appendage Autotroph capable of using carbon dioxide the protrudes from the cell of certain in the atmosphere to create energy in its prokaytoes and eukaryotes It is used in the metabolic processform of swimmingBacteriophage A form of virus that Capsule A membrane that surronds some sepcifally targets the bacteria cell in order to bacteria to protect the from bacteriophage achieve its reproductionand other viruses or immune systemsBinary fission the process in which a cell Chemolithohetertroph ingest thee divides and creates a new cell which is two chemolithotrophsdaughter cells from the original parentCircular genome This is the physical layout Chemolithotrophs A lithotroph is an of the genetic material in bacteria cells and is organism that uses an inorganic substrate to how operons are able to function on their obtain reducing equivalents for use in DNA strandsbiosynthesis or energy conservation via aerobic or anaerobic respirationCyanobacteria a division of microorganisms Chemoorganoheterotrophs ingest the that are related to the bacteria but are ones below
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