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BIO1130Biology Biologists and Biosciences KeywordsArtificial SelectionCharles DarwinSelective breeding of animals or plants to ensure that certain traits are apparent at higher frequency in next generationsAges of SandDouglas Adams wrote about the four Ages of Sand1 Telescope2Microscope3 Computer chip4Fibre OpticsSilica sand is melted to make glass which is used in the above four termsAnalogyAnatomical structures of UNRELATED organisms which function similarly but dont sharecommon ancestor The structurestraits at first were different but than later evolved to preform the same function similar living conditionsBinomen or Binomial nomenclatureA name having two partsA scientific name with a rank of specieswith two terms a generic name and a specific nameBiogeographyBuffons major contributionsideasHe observed that in different parts of the world even though they had similar conditions theywere inhibited by distinct kinds of plants and animals organisms change based on environmentClimate and species are prone to changeCatastrophe theoryCuviers theoryThe theory that earth has been affected by sudden violent events that were worldwide in scopeMajor changes in organisms on earth are the result of the catastrophes rather than evolutionary processesCell theory19thcenturySchleiden and SchwannThe basic makeup of all organisms is the cell livingAll new cells must come from other living cellstherefore cells must divideCan exist alone as an organism or with millions of cellsdiff roles Chronological prediction Not based on facts not usually from data no basisThe predictions that are usually known in the media known to the public ex horoscopesfortunetelling eventsCommon ancestry Charles DarwinOrganisms are all related in some way and even though the species change and evolve theystill have a common ancestor
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