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PROTOCHORDATES CROSSWORDPharynx1Slits in this are one of the chordate characteristicsHepatic 2Phagocytic digestion of ingested food occurs in this cephalochordate cecumVentral3The position of the heart in chordatesGill Slits4On the inside of an acorn worms pharynx these are U shaped on the inside and connected to pores on the outsideLarval5Youll find more of the ancestral chordate characters in this stage of a urochordate life cycleGarstang6He proposed the most widely accepted version of how the vertebrates aroseCaudal7The only type of fin found in a cephalochordateHeart 8Lancets dont have one of these in their circulatory systemBuccal9In a hemichordate acorn worm this diverticulum of the gut was originally thought to be a notochordAtrium10Water moves through the gill slits into this space before leaving the lancetEndostyle11This structure on the ventral surface of the urochordate pharynx uses cilia to propel food into the digestive tractMetamorphosi12The transformation of the larval into the adult during the life cycle of a urochordate is another example of something weveseen in other animalssTwo13Minimal number of chambers in a chordate heartMesocoel14The collar of a hemichordate acorn worm is formed from this coelomic spaceProboscis15In acorn worms hemichordata the protocoel forms this structureLancet16Common name for a cephalochordateFour17Maximum number of chambers in a chordate heart18This is the outer covering of an adult urochordateTunicTadpole19The larval stage of a tunicate looks like one of these20Urochordates have these one is incurrent the other is excurrentSiphons21These slits help to separate food from ingested water prior to passing the food into Pharyngealthe digestive system22Like cnidarians and echinoderms this best describes the organization of the nervous Netsystem in hemichordates23Describes the structure of the chordate nerve cordHollowAbove24Position of the nerve cord relative to the notochord in a lancet25Another way of describing post anal segmentationTailCilia26Food trapped on the surface of an acorn worms proboscis is moved into the gut by these27Even though they have gill slits and gill pores acorn worms actually dont have theseGills28A lancet pumps its blood through the circulatory system using this structureVentral Aorta29Like all deuterostomes hemichordates have this type of coelomTripartiteMuscle30Myomeres are blocks of thisPaedomorpho31Process where characteristics of the immature larval stage ultimately become those of the adultsisAtriopore32Water leaves the atrium of a Cephalochordate through this
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